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An Intimate Exploration
of our Inner Worlds


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 Beginning January 2025 

Consider this:

If you’ve been working at a job for twenty years, say you’re a computer programmer, and someone asks you a coding question, how easy would it be for you to rattle off a quick response? 

Or walk someone through a quick tech call?

Super easy, right?

Of course. Because when you’ve been doing something for twenty years, you’re considered an expert in the field.

So why is it, that when women are asked to 

  • Talk to their daughters about puberty

  • Address their feminine health

  • Relate to the most intimate of experiences

  • Embody the essence of their womanhood


We freeze?

It’s because despite living in our skin for all the decades we’ve been here on Earth, most women do not feel like experts in their own bodies. 


Ignite was designed to help women reclaim their sense of autonomy, joy, vibrancy, and authority around femininity, sexuality, and intimacy

My dream for this course?

For it to be obsolete by the time your daughters are women.

I want to put women’s wisdom back into the hands of women everywhere. So that our daughters won’t be Googling for a course to teach them what they should already know.

There are roughly ten initiatory conversations that every girl should have as she evolves into womanhood. Some examples are:

· Puberty · Menstruation · Sexuality · Taharas Hamishpacha · Mikva · Pregnancy · Birth · Postpartum · Breastfeeding · Motherhood ·

How many of the above does the average woman receive from their mother or a trusted female mentor? How many women feel prepared to give these over to their daughters?


How many of us received this information, too early, too late, or from sources that couldn’t adequately and safely impart these experiences?


שְׁאַ֤ל אָבִ֙יךָ֙ וְיַגֵּ֔דְךָ זְקֵנֶ֖יךָ וְיֹ֥אמְרוּ לָֽךְ׃

(ספר דברים, האזינו ל"ב) 

Ask your father, and he will tell you; your elders, and they will inform you”

וְיַגֵּ֔דְךָ - Tell you - A parent has the obligation to educate their child

וְיֹ֥אמְרוּ לָֽךְ - Inform you - An elder is someone who is able to give over this information to any child, of any age, at any level of understanding. 


Where are our elders when it comes to Intimacy?

To womanhood?

They’re being formed in our next cohort of Ignite. Join us. 

Ignite runs once a year, in January.

Participants have four months of access to course content before it closes until the next cohort.

Ignite Includes:

- 6 Weekly Lectures
- Written Homeplays PDFs
- Weekly Audio Meditations
- Live Weekly Q&As (via Zoom)

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Meet your Facilitator


I’m a Catalyst. A changer. A genuine seeker who helps people question the status quo of their lives.

I value integrity. I value kindness. I value commitment. I value truth. I value growth.

My offerings exist to help you find your values, and to develop the tools you’ll need to live by them.

My promise

Once you’re in- you’re IN. 

This work takes work. And time. 

To this end, once you join a cohort, you are invited to come back again free of charge every time a new cohort opens. 

In this way you get to re experience the lectures, homeplays, submit questions to new Q&A’s and collaborate with other amazing participants on our WhatsApp group.