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Alef Bytes

Life happens in little bytes. 

Learn to love the in betweens.

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Stuck in the Grind? ayeh breathwork event motherhood Jul 15, 2024

I have to admit, it's slightly weird for me to send emails out into the void every few days. I never know where my words are going, who is reading...

Who Gives You Permission? Jul 10, 2024

A while back, while out with some besties, the usual guard I have up around myself slipped a little. I got giggly and thoughtful and talkative, and...

There Must be More ayeh event training workshops Jul 01, 2024

than this provincial life. 

Am I the only one that grew up with Belle's song* in my head, striking a chord so deep I didn't realize...

Oops. ayeh breathwork vessel Jun 20, 2024

I forgot I was human. 

I had booked up my calendar with all of my summer events and in my mind they all made sense and fit perfectly. I...

You Want to Know how it Went breathwork facilitation quintessence training May 30, 2024

Don’t you?

I honestly have no words. 

I have a much deeper appreciation for breath however. 

I just spent a week with a cohort...

How to be the Worst Parent… mothers day parenting podcast May 13, 2024

According to my kids - just keep doing what I'm doing. 

Is it only me, or did Mother’s Day just feel like a confirmation of...

Why Hello There! breathwork hypnosis ignite quintessence training vessel May 08, 2024

 Imagine my surprise to receive my latest website stats and be notified that almost 300 of you signed up to my emails in the last...

I've Made so Many Mistakes breathwork family mistakes priorities quintessence sill training values May 07, 2024

In my pursuit to become the amazing faciltator I thought I was supposed to be, I took so many wrong turns.

In many ways, giving birth to my son and...

Tools of the Trade breathwork quintessence training May 06, 2024

Breath is free.

But your services aren’t! 

And as a QuintEssence breathwork facilitator you’ll be charging for your time, skill,...

QuintEssence Training breathwork quality quintessence training May 01, 2024

"A year long certification course was my norm when I embarked on my journey as a budding professional. Imagine my surprise upon encountering...

You Matter meditation pesach self love you matter Apr 21, 2024


One year, as a kid, on the night Pesach ended, I wrote a poem to my mom. 

I told her she’s awesome, and that the holiday was...

Gasp, breathwork family pesach podcast quintessence training Apr 15, 2024

I know! A blog post on a Monday! 

(If you're new here, my updates generally get sent out on Wednesdays.)

You're getting an early drop...

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